Slow Swiss #6 - Round 3 game with MarioChessNiraj

Jun 16, 2013, 4:10 PM |

Round 3 -  Well.... ****sigh*****  I'm a bit discouraged of late.   Let's put it this way. 

Losing.  Gets.  OLD. 


I am also have a BIG problem with getting nervous in games.  I get VERY nervous.  I blank out.  I get stuck.  I miss the easiest things.  I PANIC.  And No one and I mean NO ONE loses a winning position like I do.  If I'm losing, I make it worse.    If I'm winning, I blow it completely.

I'm tired of losing.  I think anyone in my position would be.  

What needs to happen is I need to get back to basics.   I've gone back to the (excuse me while I barf) tactics trainer.  I have it set at very easy level.   No pressure.  Rating is turned off.   I don't worry about how long it takes me to find it.  I just take my time.  I MUST get to a point where I am starting to recognize these things.  Rigth now, I don't. 

Enough.  I'll get off the soapbox now.

This, I'm afraid, is typical Cris Angel.  Goes down early... fights back... but ultimately loses.

Nevertheless, let's recall my goals:

1.   Focus as much as possible.   Feel that I am playing to the best of my potential.

2.   Do NOT give the opponent an "easy win".  Make him EARN it.  And if I get a draw or win, that's gravy.

3.   LEARN SOMETHING.  (yes, a new goal!)

Guess what I learned here?  A bishop pair can be a HUGE pain in the behind!!  I was told how annoying my bishops were!  Apparently, they were BIG PESTS.  I think.... perhaps...  with a little more experience, they would have made up for my being down in material.

Now.  You strong players.  Do NOT yell at me.

Please note - you were a beginner once too.  I make a move here relatively early on that I thought was correct but I visualized incorrectly.  Beleive it or not, I did not get that upset because I MUST be burned a few times in order to learn.   As you will see when I attempt to explain my thought process, I THOUGHT I was getting two minor pieces for a rook.  But I visualized incorrectly.  Visualizing is a skill that is going to take some time and experience to acquire.  And I got it wrong.  It happens.  But I NEEDED to see it for myself.  So it's okay.  I shook that off, actually, and said, "okay... we have a new position... what are we going to do?"

(shut up already, Cris Angel, and get on with it).

Fine.  Here you go.  :) 

Enjoy my trouncing.  (yes, again.... ***sigh*** )