Swiss 12 - Round 1 -- Are you ready??

Feb 15, 2014, 1:44 PM |

That's what the real Criss Angel often says... "Are you ready?"  

Well, the answer was, "YES!"  I did my homework.  I practiced the Ruy over and over.  I studied games of my opponent.  I tried everything within my skills and within my power.....

For those of you new to my blogs, when I play someone who is a lot stronger than me as my opponent here was, I don't necessarily want to win.  Realistically and statistically speaking, there is only a tiny chance that I'd win.  I therefore set more realistic goals for myself as follows:

1.  Focus as much as possible.  Feel that I am doing my best. CHECK! I took my time and did a LOT of visualizations during the game.  Sometimes I'll do visualizations but I will visualize something incorrectly -- this time, my visualizations attempted were all correct.  (Don't count end game... I don't know what I'm doing there.  Tongue Out)

2.  Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make him work for it.  CHECK CHECK CHECK!

3.  Survive the opening.  CHECK!  (that's thanks to all that practice and homework). 

In the end, we can see, I know diddly squat about end games.  

MILESTONE -- this is swiss 12.  I've participated in at least six of our swiss events.  THIS IS THE VERY FIRST TIME I'VE EVER MADE IT TO END GAME.   I repeat, THE FIRST TIME EVER.  

So, let's get to it.   ARE YOU READY?