Swiss 13 - Round 6 -- ATTACK THE PIN!

May 22, 2014, 10:56 AM |

Swiss 13, round 6

This has not been a very good swiss.   I really hadn't shown to any of my games and lost them quite quickly.  I had been assigned opponents that were far stronger than I am and it was a bit discouraging.  I tried to put up a fight -- but most of the time I went down quickly with games that were short, most under 20 moves. 

This time, the opponent is STILL higher than me but not so much so that I, (as I sometimes describe it) don't have a chance.  Often, I enjoy playing with the stronger players and I seem to do better against stronger players, oddly enough.  One of my teammates of the Art of War suggested that I play stronger against stronger players because there is no pressure.  I'm not expected to win.  (One might even say that my opponents are under pressure when I start putting up a good fight!)

Anyway, my goals:

1.  Focus as much as possible -- Half point here.  I was taking way too long and got into some serious time trouble, partly from not focusing enough (and at the end, almost focusing too hard and missing the obvious.  Stupid nerves)

2.  Do NOT give the opponent an easy win.  Make him work for it.  Ding, ding ding! We made it on this one.  Wheeeeeee!!!!

3.   Survive the opening.   Made this one too!


Drum roll please...

A win!

I'm a tad suspicous though.  I did not immediately spot what was going on at the end and I was in serious SERIOUS time trouble, so bad that even my absoultely WONDERFUL AWESOME opponent was even encouraging me, "Come on!  Don't lose on time now!!"

In the end, he resigned.  He said that he didn't want to get a win on time.   Right after he resigned, I DID spot what I needed to spot but heck, the pressure was off by then.  Nevertheless, it's a win!!!


Here we go!  I got a little help with the annotation from someone who wishes to remain nameless.   This stronger player annotated first and then I put my own thoughts in.