Slow Swiss #3 - Round 5


I got SO excited in this!  I won!  I had to be VERY careful.  I knew I had something brewing but I was very mindful to try to keep the opponent's plan in mind (if I could figure it out... I had a bit of a hard time trying to determine that at times). 

Worth noting, I took my time.   By the time we finished, I was down to 28 minutes.  I went over things in my mind multiple times to try to make sure I was figuring things out correctly.   I was so nervous!

So, here is the game.   I think I stepped up a bit in this one, I spotted an idea and was able to follow through on it which was a neat feeling.  Usually my ideas don't work out.  


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    Dr Cris, congratulations, well deserved! Looks like your tactics training is paying off.

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    Thnk you very much! I went through those moves and appreciate your posting that along with your helpful comments. Your comments actually echo some of what the analysis said! Thanks so much again!

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    A few things:

    The Queen's Gambit is not really a proper gambit. White can always regain the pawn. This is what could happen if black tries to hold onto the pawn.

    In the game you did well to play 3. Nf6 giving the pawn back instead of trying to hold onto it. Since black cannot hold onto his extra pawn, it is not very common to accept the gambit. Most prefer to decline it and build their centre.

    I think on move 8, a6 would have been better than c6 because you have blocked your light squared bishop in.

    I think at move 10 bringing your bishop back to d6 was better. Your dark squared bishop just ended up on b6 where he wasn't that powerful as long as white maintained his e3 and d4 pawns.

    Something like Ng4 may not have been the best move but you shouldn't worry about it. The move puts pressure on your opponent and they succumbed to it. Your final combination was very strong and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Are you going to try and tell anyone that you are not improving? Now that you have had a few wins like this, I expect you to get a few more. Beginners are always susceptible to checkmates like that. Now you have executed a few, the same ideas will allow you to beat players of a similar skill.

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    good job! Keep growing, learning, practicing and your improvement will be sure and strong! As a 63 year old trying to get back into chess after a 35 year haitus, I applaud your effort! Good luck, Doc!

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    Here's a speed game between Anand and Ivanchuk commentated by Daniel King (the British man) and Maurice Ashley.

    Good commentary and game where Ivanchuk missed a mate in one.

  • 4 years ago


    OH wow!  Now, I have to admit ignorance, I have not heard of GM Maurice Ashley.   I'll have to look for a video as you suggest!  Thank you!

  • 4 years ago


    Nice game, Doc!

    Your annotations are very entertaining.  I think you're giving GM Maurice Ashley a run for his money with regard to chess commentary.

    If you haven't heard him in action, I invite you to find a video of GM Ashley commenting on a chess game.  It's great!

    Again...well done.

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