The game as I see it -- annotation of game between BubbaLouie and Clavius

Jul 20, 2013, 11:50 AM |

I was watching this game on a Saturday morning.  I enjoy watching players who are stronger than me.  Often, if they're playing slowly (and they both seemed to be using their time wisely), I like to come up with candidates, trying to figure out the reasoning behind a move, spotting undefended pieces, just looking for anything I can find.   In this particular game, I spotted a check at one point that proved to be valuable later on (a tactic!!!).   The last move played by white was also my candidate.  Being that black resigned after that, I got quite excited and thought that perhaps I had picked a very reasonable move then!   Since I struggle so much, I do get a lot of benefit knowing I am picking reaonable moves.  Considering another one of my (many) weaknesses is panicking and getting stuck, I sometimes seem to focus even better when watching two other players since I'm not worried about ME so much but can concentrate on what is going on in the game.  I felt I did this pretty well here.  

Both players were quite gracious after the game.  I like to see that good sportsmanship and I asked if they minded if I annotated.  :)

So here we go.