The Game as I see it .... Annotation of game between Eris_Discordia and Hreedwork

Mar 11, 2013, 6:26 AM |

As an exercise, I decided to annotate this game.  Hreedwork is a friend and is always helpful to me, very encouraging to me as I struggle learning this as an adult (he, too, learned as an adult so I think he relates to me in knowing what I'm going through!).

Again, I see simplicity.  I'm not going to see a lot of things that advanced players see.  But by going through these games, as simple as I am, I'm bound to improve as I look for things and explore what could or couldn't be done, what may or may not have worked.   It's a work in progress.  Let's just look and see what is going on here, shall we?  I am annotating from Black's point of view.