The Game as I see it.... Annotation of game between JRTK73 and Strickland420

Feb 14, 2013, 6:31 PM |

It's often a very helpful exercise for me to annotate games.  I watched this game last night (I came in the middle somewhere).  I found it to be an interesting game.  I'm sure I missed things as I was watching and I volunteered to annotate this as an exercise and to see if I can spot some things.   Annotating forces me to look at positions and spot things I could otherwise easily miss.  

Strickland420 and I have played in the past.  I lost on time in our game.  I found him to be a wonderful and patient opponent, very encouraging to me as a beginner.   JRTK73 is a new friend - and I hope we may get the opportunity to play one day. 

Because I knew Strickland420 (and that was the reason I was watching), I have chosen to annotate this from black's point of view. 


So... the game as I see it.   

I'm happy to see others' thoughts.  I am a bit disappointed I couldn't see a bit more.  I played around in the middle game there to look at different variations and as I watched the game being played, I had things in my mind that I wondered were possibilities - after playing them out, it appears that some of my thoughts would NOT have worked out... so the exercise here was useful even if I didn't see as much as I thought I would.   I DID still get to test out some possiblities and see why some things would not have worked.

It was an enjoyable game to watch.