The game as I see it.... Annotation of game between Stantheman59 and Chess4Him

Mar 18, 2013, 10:52 AM |

Chess4Him and I did a practice game once and talked a bit.   I had wanted to watch this game but family plans wound up getting in the way (... I would have much rather watched the game seeing as I had an absolutely dreadful evening... but that's another story!).

Nevertheless, I wanted to take a look at the game and since it was Chess4Him's first game in one of our events at the DHLC, I especially wanted to get a good peek.  While watching, I learned some things and figured, "this would be good for me to annotate!"   There are a few lessons to be learned, one about space (which has confused me lately).  So, here is the game as I see it.  Since I was watching for Chess4Him, I am annotating from Black's point of view. 

Here we go.  Advanced players!!  I won't see everything that you do!  But I'll fool around with things - even if they seem very obvious to you!   Sometimes I have to play these things out in order to see them and hopefully recognize them in my own games in the future!