Powerful PIECES

Powerful PIECES


I am FIDE Master ENEASZ and my highest ELO was 2370. I have a BLOG and STUDENT'S GROUP at I am 26 years old and I studied Finance and Accountancy at University of Economics in Katowice. I am TOP BLOGGER and Coach happy.png

I want to show quite extensive training materials prepared by me, over which I spent several hours. It is free for You to show and learn. I use it to teach my chess students. It concerns my games mostly from Polish, Czech, and Slovak leagues. There are also some from other international blitz and rapid tournaments. It is, therefore, essential that my material is unique because it is not grouped to openings, middle games, or endgames. I looked at it from a completely different perspective, and I decided to fill the gap. All the issue concerns another separate piece that played a crucial role in the commented games. I say on my games and justify why I played such moves during each game. Have a look at particular piece schedule above and let's click in a link to go to appropriate training materials: