Powerful ROOKS

Powerful ROOKS

Rooks are pieces which loves open file. I hope, when you read my article, you will understand how to put rooks in the center of the board and on the open file.
This is my game which I played at 2012 during XXIII International Chess Tournament For The Cup of Opava Mountains. I have initiative from the opening and than I decided to activate my rooks to win the game immediately.
Next game shows how to proceed attack in Giuoco Piano using rooks on g-file. It is a good example of positional play on the kingside.

This is one of my best games. Maybe there are many mistakes, which super GMs find easily, but for me it was the last game of tournament. I will gain many ELO points even if I lose. So I try to be such creative to play this masterpiece.

In the last example we could see how rooks try to fight on 5th rank. I try to start developing from my king's rook to win in 17 moves with strong player in the classical game.