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Playing on the Queenside: Forcing Open Holes

Playing on the Queenside: Forcing Open Holes

Jul 29, 2017, 10:48 AM 7

Hello, fellow chess players!

First, allow me to take a moment to mention that I submitted the application and yesterday found out that I was awarded the top blogger title. I didn't expect it to come so soon, but... here I am now, writing my first post as a top blogger for chess.com! I also want to thank all regular readers and any followers for your excellent support! 

I began a series on winning in positional chess https://www.chess.com/blog/EOGuel/how-to-win-in-positional-chess-lines). Here, we will start a new but similar series (this time supported by some of my OTB tournament games) on attacking the Queenside. Many players enjoy harassing the opponent's King for the aspiration of a checkmate to effectively end the game. Though sometimes we lose sight that there is a second side of the board which is often just as important to pay attention to!

One question to always ask ourselves in a middlegame struggle is: where does the board tell me to attack? I do not believe the promised land is on the Kingside, the center is a bit dull, though my pieces and pawn have innumerable shots and chances on the Queenside! 


White started out by playing a4-a5! which gave loads of opportunities for White's pieces. Here is the rest of the game:


Sorry horse, but those Queenside pawns would not let you out!

I hope you enjoyed the game and analysis as much as I did. I must give credit to my chess coach NM Julian Lin who analyzed the game with me and gave me high praise for my 15th move. Stay tunned for part 2!

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