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Playing on the Queenside: When Your King is in Danger

Playing on the Queenside: When Your King is in Danger

Jul 31, 2017, 5:18 PM 10


Welcome to my second installment on playing actively on the Queenside. I hope you enjoyed the first. This will likely be my last because the Sinquefield Cup is coming up, and I may blog a little bit about that.

Anyways, if I could choose one word to describe the game I am about to display, it... was... CRAZY! Sometimes, when we chose to attack the Queenside, Black, in turn, decides to shift his forces onto the Kingside (playing for checkmate). This frequently happens in the King's Indian Defense, which was the opening Black employed in this game. 


In positions like this, it is important to A) DO NOT tend to your Kingside unless you absolutely have to. Because Black wants targets on the Kingside to attack! And B) ATTACK, ATTACK, and you guessed it... ATTACK (On the Queenside of course). The idea is that logically, as long as White's King is safe, he will not get mated too quickly, and White will expose enough weaknesses on the Queenside to obtain a winning advantage. This game illustrated what I am describing to you. It was not a perfect game, and I did almost get mated, White's Queenside attack ended up trumping even though I did not end up winning. Enjoy:

White begins his anticipated attack with 12. b4! with potential c5 ideas and will aim to destroy Black's Queenside. Black, on the other hand, plays for momentum on the Kingside with his pieces triggered there. The rest of the game is displayed as it only gets insane...
8/3/2017 Note this version of the game has been revised.
I hope you enjoyed reading. The position was complicated (and I did not use a computer to analyze), so let me know of any questions or comments on the game! I do know Black can absolutely nurse an advantage in the KID just like White did... I guess that is for someone else's blog post! 
And as I mentioned previously, my next blog post will be on the Sinquefield Cup, likely after round 3 (Round 3 is on Friday afternoon, so likely Friday night or Saturday is when I will post). Stay tuned!
Hikaru Nakamura defeated Wesely So with Black playing the King's Indian Defense in the 2015 Sinquefield Cup. Could this happen again this year?

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