Bughouse Chess Variant

Bughouse Chess Variant

Jun 24, 2017, 6:51 PM |

Hi, today I want to talk about a nice and  fun chess variant : Bughouse !

The Rules

  • Two chessboards with four players in teams of two.
  • Normal chess rules, except that captured pieces on one board are passed on to the teammate on the other board, who then has the option of putting these pieces on his or her board in place of a move.
  • Pieces may be placed on the board on any open square including the first and last ranks with with check or checkmate, only pawns can not be placed in the first and last ranks .
  • When a pawn is promoted and then captured, it is passed as a pawn, not as the promoted piece.
  • The goal of the game is to checkmate one of the two opponents, or to take his king.
  • The game is clock-move. A move is not completed until the opponent’s clock has been started.
  • When either partner's flag falls, they lose on time.
  • Partners may talk to each other and make move suggestions but may not touch the other person's pieces or clock.

Why playing bughouse?

  • It’s a true team sport and it’s a very fun way to play chess! 
  • The positions are extremely dynamic, never simplify since captured pieces are constantly being recycled.
  • Beginner at chess can beat strong chess players in bughouse !
  • In bughouse YOU ALWAYS WIN because even if you lose you can always blame your partner!!