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      Well, everyone says Bobby Fischer! I do but I would like to know what is yours.. WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE CHESS CHAMPION(S)? | Read More


      I know that if I touch a piece I have to move it. I asked to an arbiter and he said to me: "So long as the hand has not left the piece on a new square, the latter can be placed on any accessible square." I transalted it from Italian language. Wel... | Read More


      Ahahah Merry Chess Christmas! I'm going to play a Festival here in Italy in order to celebrate my Chess Christmas! Hoping it will be great! | Read More

    • How to improve

      Ok..new topic. How to improve..I'm not saying that this means necessarely becoming GM but just a really good chess player at least master. So how can I reach this? How can someone do it? Is work the only answer?  ..waiting for your answers | Read More

    • Dresden Olympiad

      Well..I want to talk about olympiad in Dresden.. or better, I want you to talk about Olympiad because I am only watching my Italian team, which is going great! Thanks to Fabiano Caruana, but also to Michele Godena, (yesterday he beated Judith Polg... | Read More


      When I started playing chess tournament one of my friends said to me: Chess umh? DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUS ..! So I didn't understand first, but then I started thinking about it. I don't have a full answer. So what do you think? Is it true? Serio... | Read More