Chess Poetry and More!  The March DHLC Newsletter is out!!

Chess Poetry and More! The March DHLC Newsletter is out!!

Mar 1, 2014, 6:23 AM |

Chock full of news, anotated games, and spiced up with some chess poetry -- there is something for everyone in this month's edition of our unique DHLC Newsletter!

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Here are a few highlights ---

A link to our DHLC Slow Games archive -- now over 3,100 games!

A news item about the Chess Mentor Program we are starting at the Dan Heisman Learning Center.

An anotated game from contributor, NM Dan Heisman, who hosts a bi-weekly TV show and who is a very active member of our group.

Six (!) very instructive blogs from CM Stepanosinovsky

Our regular Puzzles of the Month feature, which highlights skewers this month.

And, of course, Chess Poetry!  Here's my contribution to this effort:



A Pawn's a Queen in waiting

What a lovely thought!

and when we feel like lowly pawns,

from time to time, we ought

to keep hope close at hand,

... a tactic unexpected

... a piece that's unprotected

... a noble Knight who gives his life

to speed us on our way

and what had seemed like murky strife

becomes as clear as day

A Pawn's a Queen in waiting,

but if we all are pawns

forget about your Rating

and head straight for the dawn!

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