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Have you seen the January 2014 DHLC Newsletter?

Have you seen the January 2014 DHLC Newsletter?

Jan 2, 2014, 6:35 PM 5


As far as I know, among the hundreds (thousands?) of groups here on Chess.com, only the Dan Heisman Learning Center publishes a regular Newsletter - chock full of chess news, puzzles, and interesting games.  Have you seen it?  Just click the logo below to check it out!

Although the DHLC Newsletter is primarily for the benefit of DHLC Members it is available to the entire Chess.com community.   Why not check it out?
The January 2014 Issue includes --
*** All kinds of news about Slow Chess events at the DHLC
*** "Dan's Corner" featuring a montly game from 'the coach' Dan Heisman himself.
*** A nice article on the benefits of chess by DHLC member EarnestDignity
*** A tournament blog by one of my favorite bloggers -- DHLC member RandomJeff entitled "Weekend Mood Swing"
*** Several other blogs including an exclusive interview with GM Maurice Ashley by DHLC member OneArrow
*** A terrific set of Polgar Sisters tactical puzzles by our resident puzzlemeister, Farnel.
Let us know what you think!
If you like the Newsletter, you'll LOVE the DHLC.  Membership is open to all Chess.com members.  Just go here and click "Join".
See you at the DHLC!

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