What's Going On at the DHLC?

What's Going On at the DHLC?

Jun 13, 2013, 2:26 PM |

The Dan Heisman Learning Center (DHLC) is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic groups at Chess.com.  In less than a year we have passed 2300 members, but numbers alone do not tell the story.

As a teacher and author one of Dan's specialties is Time Management -- using all (or nearly all) of your time in each game, wisely and well.  You can read about the importance of this simple but very powerful idea here:

The Case for Time Management

Real Chess,Time Management and Care: Putting It All Together

Time Management During a Chess Game

Another very important part of Dan's teaching is the importance of playing what he call's "Slow Chess" -- OTB or Live Server games that are slow enough to give both players an opportunity to think deeply about each critical move to practice and learn the analysis skills needed to improve.

He makes that point in this classic Novice Nook:

An Improvement Plan

Here are his #1 and #2 suggestions for improvement from that article:

1. Play as many slow games (60 5 or preferably slower) as possible

2. Join a local club and play as many OTB tournaments as possible

When we first started the DHLC we asked ourselves "Since many Chess.com members are not really in a position to join a local club and play lots of OTB tournaments could WE provide the "club" they don't have?  Could WE provide lots of "Slow Chess" events that would give our members the kind of regular practice that Dan recommends -- right here on Chess.com?"

Thanks to the nearly superhuman efforts of SirIvanhoe, 

the Slow Chess Czar at the DHLC, the answer to that is a resounding YES!  

Since we've started we've organized and sponsored non-stop competition in 45-45 games (45 minutes per game plus a 45 second increment each move).

45-45 games are actually slower than 60-5 games and the generous increment allows enough time for intermediate players to play real endgames. These games frequently last 2-3 hours.

We are also organizing our first 90-30 event.  All "Slow" time controls are on the table at the DHLC!  

We started with over 50 "Quads" -- 4 player round robin events -- and have since moved on to a number of different Swiss Formats.   Over a thousand games have been played so far and you can download them here: 

DHLC Slow Chess League Game Archive

Organizing and running all these events is truly a labor of love  -- and we love what we do!

Come join us and see for yourself!