De zevende ronde..

Jan 25, 2013, 2:47 PM |

Today I played the dude that is the Laterne Rouge. Not an easy task solely by definition. Loosing is always easy, to win you always need to find something. And because I’m still struggling with my shape I wasn’t sure of a good ending. But I did well. I’m happy with the way I handled the game. I fought, I showed some guts and I hammered. 


Another nice thing: I scored my fifth point. Which means my tournament is already okay. I’m above 50% and still 2 games to go (there are nine games, so the maximum score is 9 points). Plus the fact that a good friend came to visit me today made me choose for some alcohol. A couple of whiskeys and a couple of beers. So the musical choice is:



Tell it to us dear Nick:


I think my game has a some instruction value: get your pieces out if you want to attack, even at the cost of material.