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French Defense with 4 queens on board!(Rapid)

French Defense with 4 queens on board!(Rapid)

Mar 9, 2016, 12:02 PM 2

Hey guys,


it's me again, BendixLaughing. In case you want to know how I am, university is going fine, and I've written most of my exams rather successfully. Winter was the warmest in Germany in over a 100 years, yet I got ill two times. Which on the upside allows you to play a lot of online chess in bed with your iPhoneWink. Yes, I am pretty chess addicted. 

Today I will be writing about a French Defense game, namely the advanced variation - Nimzowitsch System. It was a solid, positional game until thing turned crazy and I managed to deflect his Queen from a deadly attack at the right moment. I hope that you will be enjoying this read :D

Note: I was on the verge of giving up the French, since the King side is always so clumsy and it is often impossible to develop the G- Knight. Also, let's face it, most grandmaster games nowadays are either the Sicilian Najdorf, or the L'Hermet variation of the Berlin Defense in the Ruy Lopez - you really don't get a lot of input on playing the French against 1.e4 these days. However, I use it as a surprise weapon sometimes though and this time I developed my knights extremely creatively. Time control was 15 minutes each, my openened had a little over 1800 ELO in classical chess. As I am a fan of aesthetics, please notice the AWESOME FOUR QUEENS on the board when I gave mate :D










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