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Deadly Anti-Scandinavian Gambit(Blitz)

Deadly Anti-Scandinavian Gambit(Blitz)

Nov 17, 2015, 3:09 AM 1

A very warm welcome to my second notable game. Thank you for visiting my blog!!

To those who did not read the first game, my name is Ben, I am 21, I love to play chess, minesweeper, tetris, poker, sudoku, rubic's cube, ... basically everything logical that is food for my hungry brain! I am from Hamburg, Germany, a beautiful city with a lovely pond downtown. I study economics in Münster, Germany, where it can definitely not hurt to keep your brain sharp! For instance, I feel like studying game theroy, which is my favorite subject, comes much easier to me since chess is a dynamic game with perfect information :-) So, yes, chess is economics!!! (I try to establish this thesis next to the one that everyone agrees on: "chess is life.") Tongue Out

But let's get right to the game. I played with an online blitz rating of 1754, this time in a 3 minute Blitz game. I believe that this game really had everything. Here we go:

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