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Draw vs IM - Sonic the Hedghehog Blitz game!

Draw vs IM - Sonic the Hedghehog Blitz game!

Mar 31, 2016, 2:34 PM 1

Hey and first of all THANK YOU Wink for showing up in my blog. Today I drew against Spanish International Master Napoleon Tipter. You can check him out here http://www.365chess.com/players/Napoleon_Tipter. I have learned that he lives in Madrid, which is beautiful and fantastic city, which I already had the privilege to visit in my live.That btw is a pretty awesome name. Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte could play chess pretty well? Por los de vosotros que pueden hablar en espanol, si yo lo hablo tambien y conozco muy bien a la gente de espana, el idioma, la cultura y los paisajes :)

Anyway, the guy has ELO 2030 ELO, while I am still at around 1900. However, in the tournament I played on lichess.org I got a 65% win rate in 20 games, so I have won 13, lost 6, and drew 1, which I am very happy about. My ELO-performance was 2100. The sole draw is ironically the game I would like to shift your attention to. 

It was a hedgehog defense (I learned that in 'Murica you write the British word defence with a s, so that's allowed), and I had 5 minutes, while he had 2,5. Have fun reading and thanks for your opinion in advance!

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