Insane: Top5 of best tactics ever

Insane: Top5 of best tactics ever

Aug 30, 2016, 9:13 AM |

Good afternoon,


I would like to share with you today the list of tactics which are the all time favorites in my opinion ever to have been played out. Especially Number 5 leaves you with a sense of astonishment over mind-boggling calculations. But all 5 of these require absolutely absurd calculation skills, exact thinking, an a killer instinct. Please enjoy this little read and let me know your opinions!

Note: This is, on purpose, not a "main stream list" of tactics, in which with no doubt the Queen Sacrifice of Franklin Marshall and others would have belonged. This is instead a personal list of mine, not one of common consensus, where I, after several hours of research, list my favorite tactics, as they satisfy me the most in terms of how I experience and understand chess.

5. The "German Morphy": Berthold Suhle vs V. Knorre.

Suhle was a German genius of the classical era of chess. He employed the King's gambit, the evan's gambit and the Italian Attack with great success, both as white and black. This is, seemingly: his greatest tactic:

4. Biegler vs. Peperle
One amateur destroyed another in this great miniature:
3. Nicolas Rossolimo vs Paul Reissmann

Rossolimo has provided us with not only one of the coolest ways to tackle the Sicilian defense (1. e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bb5), he also was a very sharp tactician. In the following I present my favorite tactic from him:
2. Nezhmetdinov vs Chernikov.
Nezhmetdinov used to be the trainer of no other than Mikhail Tal, the magician from Riga. As Tal had an absurd attackign style sacrificing as many pieces as possible for the attack, he must have had this inclination from somewhere...
5. Judit Polgar vs. Alexander Morozevich.
Now for this next one, a puzzle would be completely misleading, since in this game Morozevich calculated so many lines to be a forced win for white that on every move you have to consider 3 sub-lines... I try to make it as comprehensible as possible anyway. This is btw the game of Moro imho.