Kasparov ripping apart Sicilian Defense in 12 moves

Kasparov ripping apart Sicilian Defense in 12 moves

May 3, 2016, 6:45 AM |

Hey guys,

hold on to your seats, this is going to be an approach to analyze a grandmasters game! We don't want to bore ourselves too much by praising our own games ;-)

"A" grandmaster of course is wrong, I am talking about THE grandmaster - Garry Kasparov - second highest ever ranked (blah blah there is rating inflation) and greatest player of all time, according to the highest ever ranked himself - Magnus Carlsen. More precisely, Kasparov's peak was 2851, and Carlsen's was 2882. These 2 guys really stick out when it comes to CONSISTENT performances of over 2800 ELO and the best chess on the planet and thus should be regarded as simply the best. Of course we don't want to dismiss the brutal tournament victory of, say, Caruana scoring 3592 ELO points in the Sinquefield cup (https://www.chess.com/news/caruana-completes-unbeaten-sinquefield-carlsen-second-9605) but since his results aren't quite as consistent, he along with other names shouldn't be compared to Carlsen and Kasparov. 

By the way: I am happy I can use an hour for a game which will be my greatest hobby in my entire life - university is keeping me quite busy and I also have a girlfriend now. Well just life things which sometimes keep me from learning about chess. On the bright side, we got sun in Germany, Obama is still president and my grandparents are well. What more do you need. 

To the game.

In 1977, Garry Kasparov played one of my favorite games of him ever! This is moving away from his brillancies against Topalov and what not, and instead I chose this game, a 12, in words TWELVE !!!! move miniature against the strong Australian IM Guy West. 

Can you find the winning move in this position? 

If so - congratulations. You are a sharp tactician. Kasparov's finish and the prelude to this position you will find below.



Thank you very much for having read all of this and I appreciate your criticism!

Peace out!

Bendix Cool