There once was a knight!

There once was a knight!

May 7, 2016, 6:11 AM |

Hey everyone :),

Thank you for spending 2 minutes of your time on reading the blog of this chess enthusiast from Germany. I appreciate your criticism and advice in the comment section. :)

I have an extremely interesting game to show to you guys, which unfortunately I lost, only due to the fact that I refused to take an easy perpetual check. It is just so much more tempting to take risks.

As always, first a few thoughts on life:

Weather in Germany is becoming increasingly hot, so I don't miss the Mediterrenean too much. I have spent my holidays with my girlfriend in Croatia and it has been an absolutely fantastic country and time.

A muslim is now major of London! Congratulations! I am a strong advocat of religous and cultural diversity, and I hope that he will contribute greatly towards the integration of muslim immigrants into the British society. As some of you might know, I visited a British Boarding school as kid for 3 years, and I closely follow British politics. I hope they will stay in the EU on June 23rd, and I hope to have many interesting conversations about this with my British friends.

Chess helps you to understand politics a lot. Garry Kasparov offers extremely valuable insights on his facebook profile, where he discusses Trump, capitalism, and chess. Don't forget, that all a politician does, is finding tactics on how to be liked by the public. Sometimes this involves doing something for the public, sometimes this involves negative ads on other candidates, or even to go as far as calling (illegal?) mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers. Politics is chess in the fact that as a politican, you exploit human instincts. Try to not have instincts. Try to be a calculator that does the manipulating itself.


To the game.