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Win against 2000 ELO - Indian game

Win against 2000 ELO - Indian game

Apr 2, 2016, 8:02 AM 1




Hey, sorry for writing only a day after my last blog, but I have semester holidays now, and online chess is kind of addicting.

My account on Lichess.org is doing pretty good. (Check me out: lichess.org--> FunnyFighter) I am approaching 1900 in classical and Blitz as well as 2000 in Bullet. I also became 5th out of 290 players in a recent bullet tournament (Check my statistics for reference).


Today, I played a nice game with an opening that I kind of created, basically a slow Indian opening where you go Knight f3-g5-e4 at a certain point to exchange his catalan Bishop.

I left it at computer analysis this time, since last time I messed up my own comments and kind of have to figure out how to safe my comments. Comptuer analysis is included though!


Have fun! I LOVE to connect. Please write to me here on chess.com or on lichess.org and I am sure we will be able to play one day.



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