Encyclopedia of Chess Problems

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Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - yep, should be very interesting book for all lovers of chess problems and studies. However, I believe it goes beyond those limits. It is almost like "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ... But Were Afraid (or never knew who) to Ask". If anybody wants to get into the world of chess problems, this is the right moment. :) Finally, it is not coincidence that we dare to called it: The definitive book.

The book is written by two gurus of chess problems community, Milan Velimirovic and Kari Valtonen, sure with the help of many of their friends. It's all about Themes and Terms and it can be read as classical encyclopedia, from A to Z. There are 1726 well selected problems that are illustrating themes and terms. Of course, you will find all aprropriete explanations. Let's see one example:

Indian Theme

This is unquestionably the most popular chess composition theme.

White piece makes a critical move to be temporarily interfered by another white piece, usually in order to avoid Black's stalemate. This is a logical combination, a direct combination (maneuver) with idea in attack.

799 is version of one move longer pioneer problem.


Chess Player's Chronicle 1845









The book (Hardcover, 520 pages) would be out of printing house in Friday. Still, there is small pre-order discount at www.chessinformant.rs. Few example pages can be seen at http://sahovski.co.rs/encyclopedia_of_chess_problems/

I don't think that Chess Informant had ever published such a content rich book. It is truly encyclopedia and all the praise should go to the authors. Here is short bio data about them:

Milan Velimirović (b.1952) is a GM of Chess Composition, GM Solver and International Judge of chess composition. Editor of chess composition magazines “MAT” (1974-1985) and “Mat Plus” (since 1994). He has published several books on chess composition. Author of numerous articles on chess composition. Living in Belgrade, Serbia.

Kari Valtonen (b.1954) is GM Solver and International Judge of chess composition. Editor of the chess composition section of “Suomen Shakki” (1987-2008), sub-editor of chess composition magazine “Suomen Tehtäväniekat” (1992-1997). Author of several articles on themes and terms in chess composition. World Solving Champion in 1984. Living in Tampere, Finland.

What else is new? Well, Chess Informant 115, again with leading Garry Kasparov's column, is in the final stage of preparation. I ll be back in about one week with hopefully nice news again. C Y.


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