Garry's column at Informant 113

Garry's column at Informant 113

Apr 6, 2012, 1:49 AM 4,012 Reads 6 Comments

I am happy to present major novelties in Chess Informant 113! We are introducing large amount of exclusive content written in English.

What do you think about the idea that Garry Kasparov, one of the greatest champions all the time, is annotating one game by his choice every third month? Not some classic game but the one played in every three months period!

Dreams come true! I still can't reveal what game Garry has chosen for his inaugural column but for the first readers it’s not a secret anymore. If you know what is the game, please write it in Comments section! The book and CD are available at your local chess bookstore or through online store at .

For further explanation let me present article written by our CEO, Josip Asik.


By Josip Asik

Garry Kasparov, the thirteenth World Champion, tremendously influenced the development of chess with his games, analyses, and writings. The quality of this work has greatly enriched our chess culture, and Chess Informant has had the privilege of presenting the fruits of his deep analytical work for more than thirty years.

The number thirteen has always been Garry's lucky number, and Chess Informant 113 sees the return of his analytical work in the pages of our publication. Seven years after his retirement from professional chess, we are deeply honoured to welcome Garry back to Chess Informant! In the new column, "Garry's Choice," he will be annotating select games from recent practice, casting his critical eye on the efforts of modern chess stars – and mere "mortals" – in his trademark style.

You would never guess in a hundred tries as to what game Garry chose to start his inaugural column. We couldn't, either! I will only reveal that he describes it as "a unique guest even on chess Olympus" and claimed he "had never seen anything like it in my chess career"!

We call Chess Informant 113 the Clockwork Edition, and it is the culmination of changes that began incrementally with Volume 109 – let's call it the modern Informant era. I am proud that many readers and reviewers have recognized the value of our new content.

Another new column being introduced in Volume 113 is "Top Five." Here, five top players offer their insight into some of their best recent achievements. In this issue they are, from Russia and the Ukraine, Alexander Morozevich, Evgeny Tomashevsky, Nikita Vitiugov, Ernesto Inarkiev, and Alexander Moiseenko.

The "Top Five" column is in English, but we asked that the players submit the material in their native language in order for them to give the clearest expression to their thoughts. Our staff was, of course, prepared to translate, but no one could foresee that we would receive six scanned large-format, handwritten papers like Morozevich sent us! If one of the world's brightest players was willing to put so much effort into his annotations, we could hardly ask him to resend it as a computer file. So we took up the challenge and decoded it!

Since its debut in Volume 110, with five contributors, the CI Labs column has now grown to having ten grandmaster authors. This time Ivan Cheparinov, Veselin Topalov's second and close associate, graces our pages with his original analysis and textual explanations. He is joined by fellow new contributors Erdos, Halkias, Sanikidze, and Pap, as well as returning authors Markus, Delchev, Ivanisevic, Sundararajan, and Perunovic. The featured theoretical surveys are:

  • GM Ivan Cheparinov - Queen’s gambit D35 
  • GM Ivan Ivanisevic - King’s Indian Defence E97
  • GM Alexander Delchev - English opening A20
  • GM Kidambi Sundararajan - Ruy Lopez C67, Berlin Defence 
  • GM Viktor Erdos - Ruy Lopez C67, Rio de Janeiro variation
  • GM Misa Pap - French Defence C02 
  • GM Stelios Halkias - English opening A30 
  • GM Tornike Sanikidze - Queen’s gambit D39 
  • GM Robert Markus - Volga-Benko gambit A57
  • GM Milos Perunovic - Sicilian Defence B42

In the "Rising Stars" column, newly promoted hero from the Aegean Sea, IM Antonis Pavlidis presents two of his beautiful game from his winning performance at the Greek Championship. The "Best of Chess Informant" article highlights the career of Alexander Morozevich. And, as usual, readers will enjoy the sections on Combinations, Endings, Excellent Moves, Studies (by Yochanan Afek), Problems (by Milan Velimirovic), and the best game and best novelty contests.

Not to forget 171 pages of Annotated Games – traditional section, which is gathering 80+ contributors including World champion Viswanathan Anand and grandmasters such as Volokitin, Bologan, Shankland, Macieja, Tiviakov, Roiz, Sulskis, Jimenez, Amin, Rogers, Golod, Marin, Smith, etc.

The other major announcement concerning Volume 113 is that it kicks off our new publication schedule of four issues per year: March, June, September, and December. That is about 1,000 annotated high-level games per year! Stay tuned.


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