Chess For Pandas | Chapter 1 | Chess Fiction
What if pandas played chess..?

Chess For Pandas | Chapter 1 | Chess Fiction

FM Geborgenheit

This is an experiment and I would like to see how far it goes. Welcome to this adventure!


The Pandas of Lagavi are finding it hard to live under the rule of Zingados - a two-headed creature community. It is that time of the year where restrictions on the food are enforced.  Yin is chosen as the Panda's leader to represent them in the meeting with King Zingado. 

"Greetings to the King Zingado, I am Yin and have completed twenty five rounds around the sun so far" said Yin as he bowed to the King. 

"Twenty five rounds? I was expecting an elder to represent the Panda community. What brings you here?" asked the King.

"We are suffering and we want you to take off the restrictions on the food. A lot of Pandas are not able to bear with this sort of hunger." said Yin.

"Fight for it, nothing comes easy. Do you want to fight us, then?" asked the King, rising from his royal chair. 

"Fight? We are lovers of peace. I came here to share our problem,s hoping to find a solution" said Yin

"You choose the ground, and we will fight it - one on one" offered Doggo, the minister in the court of Zingado. 

"I am no expert in any kind of fight" said Yin.

"Sword Fight?" - the Doggo suggested and the creatures in the court started laughing.

"Please come up with something that is related to us, something that can be called as a 'fair ground' if you insist on a fight, Senior Doggo" said Yin.

"Okay, I will come up with something related to you, pandas. Promise me that you won't discard this offer." said Doggo.

The King is amused and is wondering what Doggo could have had in his mind. After some thought, Yin agreed. 

"Beat us in the game of chess and consider all the restrictions lifted" said Doggo. 

"How is it connected to us?" asked the Panda

"Look at you, your body represents the game. The light and the dark!" said Doggo. 

"And if you lose, you will take all the Pandas with you and leave Lagavi at once!" added the King.

"Agreed" said Yin surprising himself. For a moment, it felt that it was not his voice at all. 

"Now that you have agreed, it is fair to start on equal terms. Every panda will have a meal until the day of our match. Come back when you are ready" said the King Zingados and they all dispersed. 

* * * 

The news of the match came as a shock to Pandas, they were not confident about Yin's decision to agree to a chess game. Yin's parents and his best friends were furious. 

"Why did you agree to it? It is a game of rich creatures, intellectuals! Who are we? We are Pandas. Which Panda would know the game of chess?" asked Yin's mother. 

"I believe this is our chance. Support me if you want to, I will lead the challenge on my own in any case" said Yin. 

"Of course, we will be with you Yin poo.." said Yolo as she offers tea to Yin. 

The eldest Panda Jiji entered the scene and spoke slowly - "Master Zee's handbook is the key to your victory. Find it first"

"What's in the handbook?" 

"Master Zee wrote a handbook titled Chess for Pandas - a unique book for those Pandas interested in learning chess" said Jiji.

"How do I find the handbook?"

"In his final days, Master Zee told me that a mindful Panda would find the book at the right place and right time" said Jiji.

The Panda hoomed and returned to tea. The rest of the Pandas got back to their pandomes (panda homesafter the tea-party. 

"...Right book, right time... Where can I find this book? Where do people keep books?...." Yin contemplates alone in his room and decides to go to their library.


Next morning - 

"Librarian Panda Senior, can you show me those books which have been untouched for many years?"

"Of course, go to the extreme end and pick a random book. It will open a small door which will lead you to a  clock attached to a cupboard. You can see the books covered in dust there." said the Librarian Panda Senior. 

Yin followed the instructions and the clock opened on its own as soon as he approached the clock. Yin picked a book at random, shuffled pages and saw some diagrams in it. "This is it" he thought to himself and returned to the Librarian's desk. Interestingly, the book had no title. 

"You know, it is quite rare for Pandas to read books these days. They all are shifting to clouds, stars and what not!" said the Librarian Panda Senior as he notes Yin's name in the register. 

Yin got back home, opened the book and was shocked to see blank pages. "I'm pretty sure I had seen some diagrams and all.."

He closed it and opened it again to see 

"Welcome. This is Master Zee's Chess For Pandas"

He closed the book and opened it again to see only one page with something written on it.  

Here's a test. Choose your answer carefully. 

How would you move if you were a chess piece?

.Chapter 2:
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