Chess For Pandas | Chapter 2 | Chess Fiction
What if pandas played chess..?

Chess For Pandas | Chapter 2 | Chess Fiction

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Chapter 2 

"If I were a chess piece, I would not move at all" thought Yin. He closed the book and opened it again. 

You know your present nature, I am convinced that you hold within you - a possibility of change.

This kind of communication was very rare. Panda Yin wasn't convinced yet and wanted to know if Master Zee is really able to hear his thoughts. "Okay, let me test YOU now. I am going to think of a few random names and let me see if you produce those words in this book"

"Manjix, the Panderan Brewmaster; Raijin the Storm Spirit; and Kaolin the Earth Spirit, Chimbu Babri, Doladola" mumbled Panda Yin, in his thoughts. 

Manjix, the Panderan Brewmaster; Raijin the Storm Spirit; and Kaolin the Earth Spirit, Chimbu Babri, Doladola. Are you convinced now? 

Panda Yin experienced something different. He bowed to the book; It was clear that he was the chosen one. He opened a random page to find

Your training has begun already. This book is only a medium. With time, you will imbibe all the qualities within and your higher self will be your handbook, your secret Guru - Your Guardian angel too.
Chess is a mental game that requires physical energy.

First task: Meet Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

Hey, Hey - why do you end the page so abruptly? I don't know who is Jonathon Livingston Seagull. Where to find this Seagull?"

Panda Yin closes the book and opens it several times only to find blank pages throughout the book. 

* * * 

Panda Yin joins the family in their gathering as they all are about to have brunch.  "We were waiting for you, Yin. Come on, let's begin with a hoom." said Panda Jiji

The Panda hoomed in unison and the Pandas started munching on whatever little they were given by King Zingado.

"Yin, how has it been so far? Panda Jiji told us that you found the book and that the training has begun" said Yin's mother. 

"Master Zee is very cryptic, just like our eldest Panda- Jiji. I'm supposed to find a seagull who goes by the name Jonathon Livingston. I have no clue who the bird is and where to find him

"Panda Yin, Master Zee always told me that a mindful Panda would find the right thing at the right time" said Panda Jiji

Panda Yolo and Panda Yin decide to go for a walk after their lunch. The other Pandas got back to their pandomes. 

"Yolo, what do you think? Was my decision to accept the challenge - a right one?"

"If it is right to you, it is right. Listening to heart is not a bad idea. Right?" said Yolo as she firmly holds Yin's hand and continues to walk. 

"All right, if you say so, Yolo.  Now, how do I find Jonathon Livingston Seagull?" 

"Listen to your heart, it somehow - always knows the path." said Yolo and the two dispersed.

It was the time for siesta. The Pandas were snoring too. Taking the words of Yolo - literally, Panda Yin began to ask his heart - 

Oh dear heart, you are going to guide me in my path to find JLS. Right here? Yes? 
Left here? Cool. Now, right? Okay. Straight, left, or right? Okay. Right it is. Now? Okay. 
So, with a lot of Yes or No questions, Panda Yin managed to reach the seashore. 

The sight marveled Panda Yin as he was amazed to witness a lot of birds flying above the shore. 

"How do I find Jonathon Livingston Seagull from the lot?" thought Yin. 

Panda opened Master Zee's handbook to see if there is an answer and he was happy to find one.

Close your eyes and bring the wonder to see the wonder in reality

So, the Panda closed his eyes. He thought of a seagull approaching him. He imagined having a conversation. Now, he wasn't sure if a seagull would land in front of him as soon as he opened his eyes. So, he tried to maintain that image within his mind. Hours passed by. He wasn't sure if he should open his eyes. He was a bit reluctant to open his eyes. He was scared that he would see nothing on opening his eyes and that the wonder he created by closing his eyes may not be translated in reality. So, he kept at it.  Meditating on the image of a seagull, by repeatedly calling the name of Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

"Master Zee had told me that a day would come and the day would know what a Panda could do." 

Yin heard a voice and he finally opened his eyes to see a bird. "I am Jonathon Livingston Seagull"  

Your first lesson will be to make the climb. The Forest in Idaho is your battle ground and before we get to the pieces, we must get to the board. The only way to obtain the chess board is to make the climb. The mountain you see behind you will get you the chess board. You gotta climb there. I got lucky, because I'm a bird - but that means I have had challenges of my own. Now, I know for certain that there is a chess board waiting for you. So, make the climb. Slowly and steadily. 


1. Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is my favorite book
2. Forest of Idaho is real

I hope you loved the second chapter. Do throw some words so that I can use them in chapter 3. Until then, bye bye! 
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