Hilarious Chess Exam - Part 2
What if you had to take up an exam to attain the title?

Hilarious Chess Exam - Part 2

FM Geborgenheit

Hello & Namaste! Get ready to become a student again and take this hilarious chess exam! 
A few years back, I prepared a set of questions for my students to make it funny. Some are mentioned here: https://8cross8.com/funny-chess-exam/ 

I got a lot of responses for the first part of the test: https://www.chess.com/blog/Geborgenheit/hilarious-chess-exam

I'm back with the second part. Tomorrow, I will post the answers of both the parts and you can check the score for yourself  

For now, enjoy the second part. All the best! 

Time : 30 minutes
Questions : 10
Points : 5 points for each

11. State at least 4 ways to achieve half point in the game of chess

12. Tom Cruise is in danger and he has to execute the Mission Impossible-Draw Protocol. WTP (Composed by Hasek)

13. Every _ _ _ _ is just six steps away from greatness

14.  Complete the poem with a chess theme: (Poem by Niranjan Navalgund)

Before your life ends up in a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
Learn to pin, Devoid of sins!
Skewer your thoughts,
Hope against odds.
Maneuver your troops and forces
Plant outposts and seal victories
Numbered are your moments,
To post your deserving achievements!
Plan, Work Sail and Prevail
This is the way you must trail.
Chess is timing, so Is Life!
Move with a purpose, Have High aims!
Face the gale when
Defence is the demand
Hold on! Take charge and command.
Do the best and Leave the Rest
To God!
And he will save your position from the Critical _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

15. State whether True or False
a) The Queen can move only like a Rook and a Bishop
b) En passant is an optional capture
c) Under all circumstances, the king can move only one step at a time
d) When the pawn reaches the last rank, it can get promoted to any piece. 
e) Castling with both the hands is legal

16.  _ _ _ _ _ _ is considered as the Chess Goddess

17. International Chess Day is celebrated on __________ every year.

18.  __________________ is the only woman in the history of chess to surpass 2700 rating threshold. 

19. Match the following:

                 I                                                     II 
A)Garry Kasparov                                      1.  1st World Champion 
B) Kalashnikov                                          2.   Chess Composer
C) Benko                                                   3   World Correspondence champion
D) Aleksandr Dronov                                4.  Gambit
E) Alexei Troitzky                                       5.  An opening named after a rifle
F) Wilhelm Steinitz                                    6.  13th World Champion

20. State one quickest possible mate in the game of chess

I hope you had fun answering them all! 

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