Tactical Tests from the World Cup Rd 2
Orient your tactical chess antenna with 10 exercises!

Tactical Tests from the World Cup Rd 2

FM Geborgenheit

Chess is 99% Tactics - Richard Teichmann

In the last segment, I shared 18 exercises from the World Cup Rd1. Today, I'm back with ten exercises from tiebreaks + Round 2. A few readers asked me if I could get the interactive diagrams so that they could make the moves on the board and I have managed to get that done. 

Some of the guidelines to make your candidate list easy:
1. Analyse all the checks
2. Analyse all the sacrifices
3. Analyse mating threats
4. Consider moves that attack opponent's Queen or other pieces/pawns
5. Capture

A detailed explanation on the same can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oyJ4g3G0XM&t=

Note: An IM took about 8 minutes to solve all the 10 positions. 

Solutions to the above mentioned exercises explained in this video: 


I hope it was fun to solve these exercises! Will be back again with another post soon. 
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