Chess 027: Rook Endgames for Tournament Players

Chess 027: Rook Endgames for Tournament Players

Nov 6, 2015, 4:47 AM |

After Chess 012, Chess 013, Chess 014, and Chess 024, we are back with our fifth college-like chess course, this time teaching how to approach the most common type of endgame in chess.

Chess 027: Rook Endgames for Tournament Players University's newest course covers rook endgames at the 1400-1800 FIDE/Elo level. While this course is aimed at advanced tournament players, anybody who is at least 1400 Elo strength-wise is ready to take our rook endgame course. Players above 1800 Elo who identify rook endgames as one of their weaknesses are encouraged to enroll in this course as well.

This course is set to begin on Saturday, November 14th, 2015 at 8:00 AM PST (Pacific Time in USA/Canada) and will conclude on January 2nd, 2016. For details regarding the schedule, refer to the syllabus below.

Program Director: Kairav Joshi

Instructor: FM Arne Jochens


What is included in the Chess 027: Rook Endgames for Tournament Players course?

- Syllabus

- Preliminary Assessment Involving Student's Annotation of One Rook Endgame.

- 9 Hours of Live Chess Lessons Spread Out Over 8 Sessions, Which Also Get Recorded

- Annotated PGN files of examples covered in class

- Two Written Lecture Summaries (PDF)

- Two Problem Sets as Class Homework (PDF)

- Two Study Guides Compiling Online Study Resources (PDF)

- Simul with FM Arne Jochens

- Final Exam

 For details regarding the course topics, schedule, class textbook, and other important information, please read the class syllabus:


Chess 027 Introductory Video:

FM Arne Jochens has recorded a video to give you insight into what his course is about. To watch the sample video lesson, follow the link below:

The password is jochens



Tuition for Chess 027 is $95/person



You may use the following link to sign up for Chess 027:

After sending payment, fill out the form below to complete registration:

Don't forget to fill out that form!


Registration ends on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 9:00 PM PST. Note that class is limited to the first 40 students so make sure you register before all the spots are taken.


If you have further questions, message Kairav Joshi, or comment on this news post.