Chess 216: Opening Repertoire for Intermediate Players Part 6, Sicilian Najdorf & More

May 12, 2013, 9:54 PM |

Hello chess lovers!

I'm happy to announce the next installment of my opening repertoire series: Chess 216: Opening Repertoire for Intermediate Players Part 6,  Sicilian Najdorf & More!


Level: This seminar is aimed at players rated between 1250 and 1800 USCF/FIDE.

When:  Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Format: The total seminar consists of two 1-hour sessions that are separated by a 15 minute break.


Course Description:

Do you have trouble playing against the Sicilian as White? Do you find yourself in an inferior position right out of the opening? If so, you are not alone!  If you would like to gain essential opening knowledge, learn important concepts, and get prepared to face the strongest Sicilian systems, Chess 216 is for you!

Because the Sicilian is the most important opening for 1.e4 players to be prepared for, I decided to split coverage of the Sicilian into two different seminars. In Chess 215, the previous installment, I taught how to play against the Sveshnikov, Kalashnikov, Hyperaccelerated Dragon, Accelerated Dragon, and the famous Sicilian Dragon.

Chess 216 will cover systems such as the Sicilian Najdorf, Scheveningen, Classical Sicilian, the French Sicilians, etc.

Chess 215 is not a prerequisite to Chess 216. Additionally, the video recording of Chess 215 is available for purchase if anybody wants to brush up their openings against the Sicilian.

Tuition: $25/person

NEW Registration: has disabled the entire "Coach Payments" system meaning you can no longer purchase University seminars from the coaching page.

You may now purchase this seminar via PayPal or credit/debit card.

Follow these steps to register for Chess 216:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on the PayPal button.

Step 3: If you want to pay using a PayPal account, just log in and you should be able to purchase Chess 216. If you don't have a PayPal account and would like to purchase using a credit/debit card, you must click on "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" and then enter your credit/debit card info to purchase Chess 216. Payment is processed by PayPal so it is secure.

Step 4: Send me a message on that way I know which human name corresponds to which username!

This method is a temporary solution that allows students to pay using PayPal or credit/debit. I can use my work-in-progress tutoring site to process payments for University courses.

For those of you wanting to take Chess 216, please purchase more than 2 hours in advance otherwise I may not know you registered!

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

The seminar will take place on my livestream channel. University seminars are interactive so you may certainly ask questions.

Students will also receive a video recording of the seminar!


If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi or comment on this news post.