University Announces Chess 101: The Game of Chess

Nov 8, 2013, 1:24 PM |

Hello Everybody!


After teaching two long classes for University, I am back with a single-day chess seminar:

Chess 101: The Game of Chess


Level: This seminar is aimed at players below the 1200 USCF/FIDE level.


When:  Saturday, November 16th, 2013 at 2:00 PM PST

Note the timezone change. Most countries change their clocks by an hour in early November. 2:00 PM PST is 3:00 PM PDT. I used PDT as the timezone for my previous classes but will be using PST during the next 6 months.


Format: The seminar consists of a one live 1-hour session broadcasted using LiveStream.


Class Size: 15 to 50 students.


Course Description:

Are you new to chess? Have you always played online and don't know what you should know when you arrive at your first over-the-board tournament? Do you possess catastrophic holes in your understanding of the fundamentals? Have you not figured out the mystery surrounding en passant? Do you lack knowledge of basic chess vocabulary? Not sure how to record your games using chess notation? Not sure how to reach 1200 USCF/FIDE strength? If so, this seminar may be for you!
Topics covered:
1) Rules of chess.
2) Algebraic chess notation
3) Chess tournament basics and etiquette (using a chess clock, touch-move, etc.)
4) Basic checkmates.
5) Winning elementary endgames such as King and Queen vs King.
6) Basic summary of opening principles, strategy, and tactics.
7) Chess vocabulary
8) Tips for players trying to reach 1200 USCF/FIDE strength.


Free for all students who have taken a University seminar or class.
Free for any individual who promotes University in his/her group given that this individual is the primary administrator for the group and that the group has more than 500 members.
Free for all annual Diamond Members.

$12.00 otherwise.


Message me on if you qualify for a free entry.

In order to purchase Chess 101: The Game of Chess, go to the following website:

Scroll down and click on the 3rd PayPal button. It will ask you for $12.00.

Message me on after you purchase that way I know which username corresponds to which real name. Also, message me what your primary email address is.

Please register by 9:00 PM PST on Friday, November 15th, 2013 if you are interested in taking this seminar.


Remember that University seminars are interactive so you may certainly ask questions. All students who purchase this seminar will receive a video recording of the whole session.
This seminar is essentially a gift from me to University members. Many individuals will qualify for a free entry; however, only those who pay for the seminar will receive a video recording afterwards.

I reserve the right to deny a free entry to any individual for any reason.

If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi or comment on this news post.