University Chess 024: Opening Repertoire for 1500-1800 ELO Players Part 1, Black vs. 1.e4

Mar 27, 2014, 2:38 AM |
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20 students have registered for University's Chess 024: Opening Repertoire for 1500-1800 ELO Players Part 1, Black vs. 1.e4. There is still room for 20 more students.

*Class officially starts on Sunday, March 30th, 2014 at 1:30 PM Pacific Time (PDT) with a 15-minute live orientation session.*


Course Description Summary:

This University class is like an online college class, except the topic is chess! This thorough class is aimed at 1500 - 1800 USCF/FIDE players and will cover a Sicilian-based opening repertoire vs 1.e4. Opening coverage includes "dragonish" systems such as the Accelerated Dragon. In addition to providing an opening repertoire vs. 1.e4, this class is designed to help students improve at applying opening principles. The process of building and enhancing an opening repertoire is also covered. There will be a chapter on using resources such as chess books, engines, database, etc. as well.

Additionally, this class will train students and focus on improving their ability to calculate, evaluate, analyze and plan. If you are not sure whether this class would be useful for you, simply message GeniusKJ on and ask!


What is included in Chess 024?

- Syllabus:

- 15-Minute Live Orientation and Introduction

- 5 Hours of Live Chess Lessons Spread Out Over 4 Sessions.

- Opening Variations and Summarized Notes Sent as PGN files.

- Two Written Lectures

- Two Class Assignments with Feedback

- One Opening Research Project with Feedback

- Organized Study Plan for Each Day of the Course(!) Using Several Resources Including

- Final Exam

Before continuing to read this announcement, please view the detailed announcement if you haven't heard about Chess 024 before or are a new University member.

Detailed Announcement:



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Remember, all live broadcasts will be recorded and available for download by all the students!

If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi, or comment on this news post.