University Is Back!

May 8, 2012, 10:00 PM |

By IM David Pruess:

Hey there, chess friends!

I am happy to announce that University is returning to activity in the first week of June, thanks to the efforts of four new directors! With some assistance from IM Rensch and myself, these four will be plotting the future course of University, not only teaching classes themselves, but running this group, and doing the job of figuring out what classes are popular or desired, what topics to teach, how to organize them, how may students to have in the classes, etc. One thing we will be trying with University is to offer more seminars (which have an order to them), rather than long courses.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce them:

GM Dejan Bojkov- Dejan is a very experienced trainer, with a number of strong students to his credit, and a very good ability to organize, order, and explain material, as anyone who has seen his videos, mentor courses, or tv broadcasts can attest.

GM Magesh Panchanathan- Magesh is an insightful teacher with a pleasant personality. He has enjoyed doing commentary on TV, and also taught one of the inaugural courese in University 1.5 years ago.

IM Mackenzie Molner- Mac is a professional player, and an active member of the community, for example doing video lessons for the site. He is an International Master, currently pursuing his GM title.

Kairav Joshi- Kairav is a very experienced teacher who has given more lessons on than anyone else. His interest and efforts have been crucial in bringing University back sooner than we had scheduled. He is an A player actively pursuing the Expert title.

They will be announcing new courses over the next couple days, so stay tuned!


Not a member of University? Click here to join!

One seminar has been announced so far and at least 3 more will be announced this week! Check out the announced seminar here after joining University.