Chess streaming event of the year!!

Chess streaming event of the year!!

GM Ginger_GM
Sep 13, 2015, 4:09 AM |

This coming Wednesday, the 16th of September, are holding an exciting new and interesting competition. - The 1st ever streamers challenge!

You must hand it to who keep coming up with new and exciting ideas that take our beloved game to the next level. Mike has already written a report about the challenge here, but let me talk a little more about some of the players and what we can all expect...

The line-up is looking pretty strong and scary, with some big names signed up. Including Maxim Dlugy, Jon Ludvig Hammer (Hammer Time! And yes, Hammer did defeat Magnus the last time that they played...), Georg Meier and Eric Hansen. Am I scared? Maybe a little... So what odds I am giving for the competition? Let's take a look a deeper look at the GMs who are entered...

Maxim Dlugy

Dlugy is a legend of the game, with a vast amount of experience playing blitz chess. At one point in time, Dlugy was ranked world number 1 in the world at speed chess.

Dlugy is certainly going to be one of the favourites to take home 1st prize.

Odds: 3/1

Jon Ludvig Hammer - aka - Hammer Time!

Jon has been a long term second of Magnus Carlsen, also being one of the only players in the world that has managed to defeat Magnus on a number of occasions. Jon studies very hard and plays a lot of blitz chess online. Being young and motivated, I will make Jon one of the favourites.

Odds: 3/1

Georg Meier

Another extremely strong blitz player, who has won the strongest online blitz tournament, 'Titled Tuesday's', Georg has competed with the best players in the world and had an elo high of 2671, certainly a force to be reckoned with! 

Odds: 3/1

Eric Hansen

One half the 'Chessbrah' posse. Eric is legendary on the internet for his 1-minute chess, maybe only being out done by the one and only, Nakamura.  Eric prefers to listen to trance music whilst playing, it seems to work for him and maybe an idea we should all try!

Odds: 5/1

Me! aka 'The GingerGM'

Against the hero's above, I must be considered a massive outsider. As you can also tell from my YouTube videos I tend to panic and speak far too much during my blitz games... At least I will get the chance to talk and have some fun, who knows maybe I can even take down one big name. You can watch my first stream here - - It's normally a bit mental and manic!:

Odds: 10/1

Some of the other confirmed players consists of:

Danny Rensch - A very good outside bet. Danny has vast amounts of experience at blitz chess with his highly popular 'Bullet Show'. I certainly would not rule a major surprise out when it comes to Danny. One thing is for sure, his live broadcast will be great fun to watch!

Odds: 8/1

John Bartholomew - Another strong IM from America, John's YouTube videos are very popular . John has a very clear way of describing things. I do not know too much about John, but I am sure that I will find out!

Odds: 10/1

I am still awaiting the final line up, but it has been rumoured that some of the following players might also be joining in.

Chessexplained, KingsCrusher and Hutch. I wish I could give you more information, but I am still not entirely sure of the final line up, anyway all will be revealed shortly!

Are you excited yet? You can join into anyone's live broadcast during the show, or hop about, getting different people's views on the games. I must also ask who do you think will win? Who's broadcast are you going to watch? (Your more than welcome on mine!)

One final note - I am not a bookmakers, so the odds I have given to the players are only supposed to be some fun!