Avoid the trap - save your points!

Avoid the trap - save your points!

GM GrafDeMonteKritz
Apr 9, 2013, 4:02 PM |

This article is devoted to some simple opening traps that cost many players lots of points. It’s just the matter of pure knowledge – know and avoid them, or even better get your opponent into one of these traps, or do not care and pay the price. The collection includes many different openings. I hope you enjoy them!

Next one is slightly different, but it's again the square f7 that matters. In general, many tactical tricks in the opening are based on the weakness of squares f2 and f7 since these are protected only by the kings.

And now another side of the coin - watch out!

Enough of square f7! Now let's see what is going on somewhere else!

And another story with similar ideas, but this time more advanced:

Next example concerns players who happen to play main lines again French Defense:

And the last example comes from Sicilian Defense:

So, these are just a few opening traps, in the real world tens of other traps are waiting for you - so take care! If you have any questions or want to study more of the interesting opening ideas just shot me a message, I will be happy to assist you! Good luck!