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    • Avoid the trap - save your points!

      This article is devoted to some simple opening traps that cost many players lots of points. It’s just the matter of pure knowledge – know and avoid them, or even better get your opponent into one of these traps, or do not care and pay the pric... | Read More

    • Improve your results by learning just one simple principle

      Many important aspects of the chess game have been wiped away by today’s craze for learning chess opening theory. If two grandmasters speak about chess you can make a bet that they speak about an opening. You win with 99% probability, try it out... | Read More

    • Tactical thunderstorm

      The position I want to present is an example of complexity of the chess game. Some of the moves that follow may seem beyond human imagination. Also, this is a kind of position that is very good suited for improving one's abilities to calculate var... | Read More