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"Caught between the Doc and a hard case" or AFWF_Erick vs Dr_Cris_Angel as we see it

"Caught between the Doc and a hard case" or AFWF_Erick vs Dr_Cris_Angel as we see it

Aug 24, 2013, 8:18 AM 14






I'm very reluctant to post this blog as I feel I may get into terrible trouble for doing so.


Let me give some background.


I am been coached by a good friend who I have known since I was about 11. He used to be very active chesswise and would take part in many tournaments across the country and beyond, and at it's peak I think his ELO was in or around 2250. However age has caught up and is now focussed solely on coaching.


I find his style of coaching to be excellent, he's very thorough and I always feel that I've learned something new about the game after each lesson. But unfortunately he has a tendency to be very critical of what he calls "schoolboy errors" i.e leaving pieces en prise, missing (what he considers) easy tactics, etc. I think it's a form of "tough love" which personally I don't have an issue with, but it might not be to everybody's taste.


Which brings me to my dilemma.


A good friend of mine on chess.com, Dr_Cris_Angel is aware of my mentor, and asked if I would show him one of her most recent 45/45 games, where she played AFWF_Erick in a Quad game. She wanted to get him opinions on the game.


Sound very reasonable doesn't it? Unfortunately, he was very critical of the game in parts, as you will see. In fairness, he praised certain moves by both players also.


I'm hoping that Michaele and Erick (if he reads this) will gain some benefit from the ideas expressed here.


(Mentors comments included here only)



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