My chess "adventures" (Part 6) - Final round replay

Jan 17, 2017, 6:03 PM |

Hello again chess netizens!

And so here it is... the round 6 which I was supposed to upload a loooooooonnnngggg time ago! With 2.5 points out of 5, I was playing a much higher rated player.

Of course, I myself was very deflated. Realising I had lost because of my sloppy play, I had to redeem myself for the final round. Luckily I heard from the tournament arbiter that if I scored a win, I might get a prize for U1600! So, another motivation pops up, which was to get at least some consolation prize. When I saw the pairing, I was very surprised to see my opponent, the same one I played in the final round of the St. George tournament, except this time, we had switched colors! (For details, check here.)

Of course, when I meet him, I think he still remembers me. And so this time, I had the black pieces, and he had a chance to get a revenge, since he was still the higher rated player.

In the end, to my surprise, I got 2nd joint prize for U1600 category! The tournament itself is won by (back then FM, now GM) Max Illingworth! Nonetheless, this was one of the last tournaments I was playing in Australia. But, not to worry, in the future, I came back for more! :P

If you have any comments or critics in my analysis, CMIIW.