Ending #12: Answers for endings.

Ending #12: Answers for endings.

Jan 23, 2016, 12:14 AM |

I had posted some exercises on my last Endgame Saturday. So before reading this I prefer you to try to solve them first. Click here to go to my Blog.

So the endgame one ends as follows:-


 And the Pawn goes to Queen. And so for other positions almost without exceptions, in which the Pawns are side by side on the sixth rank, with Bishop and King within supporting distance. But there are exceptions, as the very next positions proves.

As I said you to find who wins. But actually it is Drawn:-

And so on the White can only draw. 

The Rook plays on the h-file whenever check by Bishop is threatened, and so as to take the Pawn if it goes to h7; or it attacks the Bishops, or pins it, when the King tries to reach f7, and thus draws.

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