Let's start something new this year

Let's start something new this year

Jan 2, 2016, 12:55 AM |

Hello everyone! I have decided to start something new this year in my blogposts. Well, I have decided to post a blog everyday with specfic names to those days. Just like the Sicilan Sundays. I’ll give a specfic names.

I will post the blogs in this way:


  • Sicilan Sundays!

I’ll post  the opening Sicilan defense on every Sundays. I have already posted one Sicilan defense blogpost. Check it out by clicking here. To know more about Sicilian Sundays click here.


  • Opening Mondays!

‘Opening Mondays because Mondays is the first day of the week. I’ll post your favorite opening on Mondays I have already posted ‘Max lange Attack’ and 'Ruylopez Berlin defense'. If you want me to post your favorite opening comment on this blog. And click here to view the forum.


  • Tactical Tuesdays!

Oh well, I will post 5 puzzles from the Tactics trainer which I have come across on Tuesdays. They may be easy for you but I’ll just share them. Please note that these are not the PUZZLES which I have posted earlier. These are tactics.


  • Puzzling Wednesdays!

Now on Wednesdays I’ll post those PUZZLES like the eariler ones. Want an example? Click here. Please note that these are not those tactics which I’ll post on Tuesdays.


  • Gaming Chess on Thursdays!

I’ll share my games played OTB and on chess.com. You an analyze them on advice about them.


  • Fridays forums?

I’ll post a forum on Saturdays regarding chess or off topic. Want an example click here.


  • Ending Saturdays!

‘Ending Saturdays because Saturday ends the week. I’ll post the endings which I have posted earlier. Check one of the best by clicking here.


This is how I post the whole week. But this does not mean I’ll keep on posting them. I’ll also take some rest some weeks so please co-operate with me. You can also view my other blogs here.

What do you think about this idea? Comment below! If you like my blogs then you can give me a trophy, post a note on my homepage or be my friend. Tell your friends about my blogs invite them to read my blogs.

UPDATE>>>> Now these stuff are discontinued.