Mission accomplished..

Mission accomplished..

Mar 31, 2016, 10:44 PM |

Hello all! ,

I am very happy now as I am now awarded as a top blogger of chess.com! I got reply from chess.com staff:

Great! I’ve made you a top blogger!.

Very thanks chess.com. For considering me a top blogger. Thanks all who supported me to be a top blogger.
Now I’ll tell you my best blogs so far.

1.Nimzo Indian Defense part 1.

2.Destroyed a opponent!!>> An Immortal game.

3.Sicilian Sundays: Scheveingen variation.

4.Move of imagination.

5.Queen's gamibt accepted.

6.Sicilian sundays: The Najdorf 6.f3.

7.Sicilian sundays: Morra gambit.

8.Amazing Stalemate.

9.A tricky problem.

10.Genius puzzle.

You can read my other blogs too. Thank you!