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A decisive Breakthrough which I missed

A decisive Breakthrough which I missed

Apr 3, 2015, 3:50 AM 0

Three weeks ago I had the following position in an OTB-game on the chess board

The question here is: Can White in the h-pawn with Qc8+ and Qh8 ? It is obvious that this will be only possible if Black can´t play Qxe4 before. And indeed there is a way to deflect the queen attacking e4


So, a win would have been possible after 1. b4! Qxc4 ...but would the idea also have worked after 1. b4 cxb4


Well, now the time has come to admit that I missed that brilliant win ... I stopped my calculation after 1. b4! Qxc4 2. bxc5? (instead of 2.b5!)  Qxc5! ... what can I say as explanation for this oversight?  That I had played with  a feverish cold, didn´t take a break after time control to recover ... Fact is that I played 1.Qe6+ and offered a draw that my opponent  accepted

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