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    • A decisive Breakthrough which I missed

      Three weeks ago I had the following position in an OTB-game on the chess board The question here is: Can White in the h-pawn with Qc8+ and Qh8 ? It is obvious that this will be only possible if Black can´t play Qxe4 before. And indeed there is... | Read More

    • A well-calculated Breakthrough

      Please  have a look at the following diagram:    It is obvious that Black has only one chance to get into black`s position. He has to play 1. ... Nc3 After that the continuation 2. Nxa3+ bxa3 3. Bc3 Bb4 4. Bxb4 Kxb4 is more or less forced... | Read More

    • Pawn Sacrifices for Compensation

      If someone sacrifices a pawn or a piece (s)he wants to get something as compensation for it. In the following example the White player sacrificed a pawn to limitate the activity of a black knight: White won that game later. The black knight was ... | Read More

    • Three powerful Weapons in Endgame

      The former world champion Emmanuel Lasker wrote: "There are three powerful weapons in endgame: Passer, King activity and Zugzwang!" In the following example we can see all three "weapons" at work 1. White king activity vs. Black passer As we... | Read More

    • Dangerous Counter play ... and a happy new Year!

      In a just finished online game - my opponent and I didn`t take it too seriously - I got a bad position. After the early middle game I faced a material state of "three pawns behind":     So, what to do? I decided to take one of the pawns, ... | Read More

    • Merry Christmas

      In the background you see  a ferris wheel at night in my home town Duesseldorf Have Fun with the following video: | Read More

    • An open file is normally needed in king attack

      The following game is a typical one of the category: Both side castling and a closed center. So let`have a look at our starting position: Here we have already the both-side castling on the board, but the center is not yet closed. The ma... | Read More

    • A King march into the opponent`s camp

      In the following game you can see that an amazing king march into the opponents camp became the decisive factor   | Read More

    • A Pawn majority in center as a decisive Factor

      Please look at the following position :       This is a pawn structure which often occurs in early middlegame. White has a 4:3 pawn majority on king side, Black a 3:2 majority on queen side. Of course, as we know, it is a pawn structure w... | Read More

    • A Bishop Sacrifice cleared up the way for the King

      In the following two examples we see that only by a bishop sacrifice the own king was able to come into opponent`s position. Example one: Example two: | Read More