Pawn Sacrifices for Compensation

Pawn Sacrifices for Compensation

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If someone sacrifices a pawn or a piece (s)he wants to get something as compensation for it. In the following example the White player sacrificed a pawn to limitate the activity of a black knight:

White won that game later. The black knight was 20 moves out of game and when it was let out only because white had a winning continuation. Yes, white had more than enough compensation for the sacrificed pawn cause of the misplaced knight!

In one of my own online games I also sacrificed a pawn for the pair of bishops and opponent´s King in the midst. So it went:



You have seen two examples with pawn sacrifices and different kinds of compensation. So if you like to sacrifice pawns and pieces in your own games, do so! But make sure before sacrificing that there is a real compensation for it!