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Pure Coincidence?

Pure Coincidence?

Sep 28, 2017, 4:00 AM 5

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy  (Hamlet, tragedy of Shakespeare)

Two weeks ago I finished a  (offline) tournament game with the move 24. d6!:


 As you can see, I simply was winning a piece. So, nothing special about, at least not so special to post it here.

   But next morning,  looking accidentially at my living room-chessboard, I was surprised:


 This was the last position I have built up on my chessboard before my tournament game. And yes, the last move was 27. d6!

So, you may think now, that such things happen in life. Coincidences with no special meaning! Let´s go on and talk about real meaningful things! Well, I wouldn´t agree, but I could understand your statement!

But this is not the point the story ended. Three days later, haven´t dealt very much during that time, I came into the bibliothek of our university, when I saw my friend Herman standing in front of a public PC watching chess games. "Hello", he said recognizing me, " Aronian just has won against Iwantschuk" (Worldcup 2017) ... he clicked and opened the chessboard with the final position of that game: 


 "Let me guess, Herman", I said, " last move was d6 and it was move 24?" And indeed, so it was! Exactly as in my game three days ago!

So, here we have three times a d6-matter. Extremly inprobable that it was pure coincidence, wasn´t it? So, I could now argue and interpret it in a christian way, as I´m a Christian. But you may find other explanations looking from another point of view at it it ... feel free to share it here

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