My Only Saving Grace

My Only Saving Grace

Mar 30, 2018, 8:28 PM |

I know many of you, even at 1800 or so level (OTB) make blunders. As you know, you can recover from them and possibly draw, or even win, the game!

In the 1-3 rounds of my tournament, I was in a bad position for 1 and 3.

I got 3/3. How? Attacking. I'm usually a patzer at attacking, but watch, as some bad time management and some greed won me the games.

Round one- What better way to start off then hanging a piece and coming back?

Now HOW, you might be wondering, was I able to survive? It's all about their mindset. 

(tip: Children are more likely to fall for this battle of the mind)

They may get haughty, think they are going  to win, then you can nail them on the coffin with a sudden attack.

To help you get in this mindset, think of it as a premature sacrifice, opening ideas for attack.

Now, let's see how I lost the exchange, but came back in round 3-

She got full of herself and miscalculated.

THE MORAL IS- NEVER, EVER, resign, and when you're down, put UP your dukes and try to save the game!

-HorribleTomato, 1st Blog Post.