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    • Seattle Sluggers down but not Out

      Wednesday’s match, pitting the mighty Seattle Sluggers against The Los Angeles Vibe, might not have ended well for the Sluggers or their diehard fans but our Sluggers are known for their courageous comebacks! Unfortunately, IM Georgi Orlov’s b... | Read More

    • Seattle Sluggers on the Mound

      The idea of a team chess league is a brilliant concept! Combining the structured organization of sports such as baseball (minus the headaches) with the intellectual intensity (in most cases) of chess is a win-win situation! Being a huge fan of... | Read More

    • Opening Principles Part Two

            Opening Principles Part Two Introduction I teach chess professionally at six public and private schools here in the San Francisco Bay Area. My classes are one hour long which can seem like a lifetime to my elementary school studen... | Read More

    • Mystery Novel: Chapter Two

      Chapter Two: Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight. Lester blazed through Tunica at 90 mph, knowing full well that the driver of a police cruiser could ignore any posted speed limits. Farmers and the laborers they employed were just starting their d... | Read More

    • Mystery Novel: Chaper One

      Chapter One: State Line Blues Lester “Dickie” Potts sat on the porch sipping a cold beer listening to the cicadas sing their lonesome song. He winced while shifting his legs on the old car seat that served as a couch. The stitches had been ou... | Read More

    • Lecture One: Opening Principles

      If you follow a few simple opening principles you’ll be able to handle anything your opponent throws at you. The good news is that you don’t have to memorize a series of specific openings. You just have to practice these principles faithfully ... | Read More

    • Beat Your Computer

           I've read a lot lately regarding chess players and their chess software, namely attempts to beat their computers. I decided to do a bit of research and present a very basic atricle on some strategies useful for beginners. As always, I rem... | Read More

    • For The Love Of Chess

           Lately, I've been reading a great deal on the subject of cheating and chess, specifically the use of computer software for determining one's next move. Maybe it's because I'm comfortable with my place in the greater scheme of life, maybe ... | Read More

    • Why I Play Chess

           I spend a lot of time these days either on the road playing or when not playing, in the recording studio. While most people think it a charmed life, since I get to do want I want with my day, they assume there is no stress involved. There... | Read More

    • Staunton Chess Pieces

           We often play chess and get so into the game that we don't think about the tools of the chess player. By tools, I mean the pieces, board, clocks, etc. I have heard the term Staunton Pattern a lot in my travels through ... | Read More